Alpha-Rowen is a specialist heat treatment company providing Austempering and Oil Hardening to the spring and presswork industry. Operating in Tipton we employ 20 people and have a range of equipment which enables us to meet the varied needs of our customers from small batch work to larger production runs. Our customer base is UK wide and provides parts to a myriad of industries including Automotive, Construction, White Goods and Stationery products. Whilst we don’t make any components ourselves, we are extremely conscious of the critical nature of the service we provide and the need for that service to be timely and to a high standard. We have a belief in never ending improvement and work to that aim with our employees and our equipment. Heat Treatment, by its very nature is an energy intensive industry. We have been involved with projects for well over a decade now to improve our energy efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint. These have included changes to gas burners and heating systems, modernisation of inefficient equipment, improvements to site layouts, the introduction of sub-metering and the use of the SEE Change monitoring system.

Zero Projects

Developing a Low Carbon Process Optimisation Strategy image

Developing a Low Carbon Process Optimisation Strategy

Working alongside a specialist company, Alpha Rowen has been taking active steps to reduce their carbon emissions since May 2010. This has involved purchasing of new equipment, and optimising our production processes to reduce carbon emissions every step of the way.

Lighting Improvements image

Lighting Improvements

Over the years, energy costs for lighting have been a key issue Alpha Rowen have been addressing. Regular upgrading of lighting in facilities where necessary have helped reduce energy usage and carbon emissions on all sites.

Sub Metering of High Energy Facilities image

Sub Metering of High Energy Facilities

To truly be able to target and adjust where emissions are at their highest, sub-metering has been used to accurately record emissions of invisible waste, and allow Alpha Rowen to react appropriately. Sub-metering of the Furnaces has allowed their efficiency to grow and increase, without the increase of emissions.

Industrial Advisor of Repowering The Black Country  image

Industrial Advisor of Repowering The Black Country

As part of our goal to help the industry reach Low Carbon Strategies, we are working alongside the Repowering The Black Country project to ensure that the plans they put forward align with the industries best interest

Member of the Heat Recovery COIN image

Member of the Heat Recovery COIN

As a company that uses a high amount of energy to produce heat for their processes, Alpha-Rowen have opted to become a key member of the Heat Recovery COIN. This COIN helps companies with heat intensive processes communicate and work together to develop greener initiatives, reducing waste emissions in both CO2 and heat.

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