Practical doers but with enterprising minds, at Datagraphic, we help teams automate the production and delivery of their client, employee and supplier facing communications. Each year, millions of people view documents – online and in print – powered by Datagraphic. We’re not your average supplier. We uniquely develop software and have a secure UK printing and mailing centre: so our clients benefit from one partner for all communication channels.

Given our heritage – we started printing cheques over 30 years ago – Information Security has always been central to everything we do. That’s why today, we’re a trusted partner to hundreds of well-known organisations (and a lot of other great smaller businesses too).

We’re always looking ahead – tracking technology and building solutions that continue to help people automate, control and output their most important data-driven customer, employee and supplier facing communications now and in the future.

Zero Projects

Installation of Photovoltaic Systems  image

Installation of Photovoltaic Systems

To help reduce our overall energy consumption, we have installed a largescale solar array at our Rugby based operations. This helps offset our consumption of grid energy, and utilise a more sustainable source of power

Investment in energy efficient printers image

Investment in energy efficient printers

Since 2016, we have managed to save over 8000kW every year thanks to our investment in high quality energy efficient printers

Raising team awareness of sustainability issues image

Raising team awareness of sustainability issues

We actively encourage our team to switch to sustainable transport by providing charge points for electric vehicles, and encouraging people to join our Bike to Work Scheme

Zero Targets

Net zero journey started


Net zero by


Carbon saved to date

64 %

Journey to net-zero

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