By joining the programme, you will participate in one of the seven Industrial Decarbonisation Cluster plans run by Innovate UK to help decarbonise the industrial activities in the Black Country by 2040. 

By joining this innovative programme, you will receive the following support services from a team of expert scientists, academics, environmentalists, and energy engineers.  They will provide you with the most effective technical support that you will need to decarbonise your operation by developing tailored Low and Zero Carbon strategies.

The participants in this innovative project should be located in one of the four Local Authority areas in the Black Country:

  • Sandwell
  • Walsall
  • Wolverhampton
  • Dudley

Participants in the programme will receive a Low or Zero Carbon review of their manufacturing operation and will have access to a Zero Carbon knowledge centre, online tools and technical support from a team of experts. Together, we will develop your Low or Zero Carbon strategies and provide financial support (where applicable through grant funding) for the implementation process to help you reduce your carbon emission, energy consumption and costs. 


About the Tools

Every company can undergo a benchmarking assessment. This will provide a baseline to work from to provide data that will be used in a range of tools to accurately monitor your energy consumption. The diagnostic tools quickly highlight any areas of inefficiency in your operating processes and systems. The tools will transform your data into highly visual, meaningful reports to help you understand exactly how you consume energy, to ensure that you are operating efficiently and can reduce your carbon emissions. This information is then used to develop your Low Carbon or zero carbon strategies.

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