Established in 1885, Brockhouse began as a spring and axle maker, employing only 8 men. Through high demand and quality work, John Brockhouse rapidly grew the forging business and, just 3 years later, the company moved to the 5.5 acre site in Howard Street, West Bromwich, where we remain today.

Zero Projects

Updating Speed Gas Booster and Combustion Air fans image

Updating Speed Gas Booster and Combustion Air fans

As part of our goal to reduce waste energy, we upgraded some high energy equipment to maximise their efficiency while in process

Connection to SEE Change Energy Monitoring System image

Connection to SEE Change Energy Monitoring System

To accurately target and adjust our high energy processes, we use SEE Change, which gives us easy to understand data, helping us achieve and set our Net-Zero Carbon Goals.

Repowering The Black Country image

Repowering The Black Country

Working alongside this project as an Industrial Advisor ensures that the project maintains a strong heading, while keeping the interests of the industry on hand. 

Heat Wastage Studies image

Heat Wastage Studies

Working alongside Birmingham University, funded by a GBSLEP Low Carbon Grant, we have begun to see where heat wastage occurs at its highest within industries, as well as how we can capitalise on this excess heat to make our other processes more efficient.

Zero Targets

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Journey to net-zero

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