The UK is the world’s first major economy to present a net zero Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy.

In a time of considerable recovery but also continued struggle (against COVID-19), the UK government presents the world’s first net zero Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy for a major economy. The strategy outlines key actions the government needs to take to help eliminate the UK’s industrial contribution to climate change, while making sure that UK industries are still competitive and that emissions are not simply pushed abroad.

The strategy is split into three parts, with three chapters each.

Below is a brief summary of each part:

  1. ‘Foundations to deliver net-zero for industry’

This part delves into why strategy is needed, the approach the government will take, and how they will get both investors and consumers to choose low carbon.

  1. ‘Transforming industrial processes’

The second part explains how the government will support industry to adopt low-regret technologies and building infrastructure, as well as to improve efficiency and speed up the process of Low Carbon technology innovation.

  1. ‘Maximising the UK’s potential’

The last part explains how the government will lead and work with the global market to support the route to net-zero, along with how it will attract investment, future proof businesses and secure the long-term viability of jobs. This part also explains how the government will track their progress of decarbonising industry.

To learn more about the UK’s industrial decarbonisation strategy, go to

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